Some information on the rental apartments by the coast of Tuscany, the residence Solferino Castiglioncello was built 1865 by the family Martelli, Diego Martelli was a follower of all young Macchiaioli painters, who visited the house to spend their summer holidays there.
Ever since this time one had the big desire to spend the holidays in Tuscany and the coast of the Etruscan, who already saw Castiglioncello as the pearl of Tyrrhenian. Bewitched by the colours of nature and the Mediterranean Macchia of those places, the guests of Diego Martelli spent some of their time to draw after the upcoming Macchia style.
This is how the important Macchiaioli school of Castiglioncello came about. Some of the most important works of Giovanni Fattori, Odoardo Borrani, Telemaco Signorini, Persiani, Silvestro Lega and Giuseppe Abati were made in residence Solferino or in close proximity.
So, should you look for a residence in Tuscany by the sea, a house for your holiday in front of the Etruscan coast, two minutes from the crystal beaches of Castiglioncello, where you can enjoy the evening breeze on the hills of Castglioncello, then the residence Solferino Castiglioncello is the right choice.
Furthermore holidays by the Tuscan coast mean a high quality experience, not for any reason rulers and members of well known families visited this part of the world. One can find estates, which produce wines (like the Sassiciaia, the Ornellaia or the Grattanmacco). The nectar, which smells of the sun, the sea and the Mediterranean Macchia, a fruit of ancient tradition, optimized with modern technology; the ancient, the tradition, which grew together through the past and the present with the help of technology. Where ever you live, we hope for you that you can drink a Bolgheri wine at least once a week, but not before you have visited this place.